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January 24th 2007: our collada viewer now supports textures !

Review Collada files easily with the Ballistic Collada Viewer.

Use only one file format to communicate your ideas to others.

Download the free version (1.0.4).


Basic elements are supported but it is enough to start working on your projects.



<library_effects> <diffuse><color> or <diffuse><texture> (jpg or png)


   <float_array> with positions, normals and texture coordinates

   <triangles material ...>


<library_visual_scenes> instances


Tested successfully with Google Earth models available on the Google 3D Warehouse. Support for collada files from other origins is foreseen in a near future (3dsMax, DazStudio).

The export from Blender gives already good results if you use triangles and baked matrices options.

To get the .dae file: open the model in Google Sketch Up, export to Google Earth, then unzip the .kmz. You will get a .kml file which is used to position the model on earth, the geometry (.dae) will be available in a subdirectoty called models.

Note: the architecture model shown has been developed in house and does not belong to the Google 3D Warehouse.

See the precision of models exported to Collada from other formats. In this case, Google SketchUp has been used to import a .3ds file and export it to Collada (.dae).




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