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"Ballistic Anatomic Trajectory" is a software dedicated to ballistic experts and police labs.

Very easy to use, it will give you different trajectory angles in direction and elevation. You will be able to see the body from every possible viewpoint, import another body model developed in a 3d modelling software. You will be able also to specify the exact body height and width.

It will give you the opportunity to save you data files and retrieve them later. In one click you can capture the screen and save it as a .jpg file in the directory of your choice. At last, it will give you a perfect presentation, which even non specialist people can understand and save time by avoiding painful self drawings.

Input victim data: name, height and shoulder width.

Click on any picture below to enlarge, use the back button to return

New trajectory : input In and Out points of the trajectory.

New element other useful 3d elements for the enquiry like knife woundings:

Open data file : Open previously saved data files.

Open body file : Open body models ( in .obj ) different than the default body.

Save data file : Save data files to xml like text format.

Save image : Capture screen image and save it to a .jpg file.

Input window of "In" and "Out" points.

x : Impact position from body median plane. Ex : From the observer viewpoint -6 cm will be located 6 cm to the left.

y : Impact position from the heels.

z : Impact position from the pathologist table during the post mortem examination, in height.

Bullet inside body option: no arrow exit on the other side of the body. The "Out" point is in fact inside the body.


Trajectory fine tune capability with the aid of a translation and rotation visual tool by clicking and dragging in the main 3d screen ( Ex : impact in the arm )

Other features:

Insert ovoid objects in the same way as trajectories to show other enquiry elements like knife woundings.

You can add text and change the color of the trajectories and the other elements.

You save coordinates, rotations, colors, text of all elements as well as body height, width and depth in xml like files. This can be handled easily with third party softwares like databases.




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